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Robert Seguin Wall Art

Robert Seguin (Born in 1954) was born in Montreal. He’s a self-taught painter. Seguin studied at Concordia University where he undertook a design program. He has worked as an illustrator and also as a billboard painter, colorist and computer artist in the publishing business. His work can be found in many corporate and private collections in Canada. His art is available in Ottawa, Ontario at Koyman Galleries. While working in the publishing business, he developed a unique painting technique and took part in many group exhibitions. For quite a while, the artist has been fascinated by the putting close together of light patterns and geometrical structures that emerge in big cities. Seguin has been painting landscapes and cityscapes for many years in a semi-realistic and realistic fashion. His work is often presented in a unique manner and addresses bucolic cityscape and landscape.

His talent as an artist could be seen from an early age. He could be seen studying the works displayed at galleries in Montreal and then went ahead to create his own art. His love for the arts is unquestionable, and like many artists of his time, he’s actively involved in activities that relate to the arts. He’s inspired by nature's beauty, movement, and color. The inspiration grows more and more strongly as he works on his art projects. He can’t imagine the world without arts and he can’t imagine going for another career. Seguin’s art is compellingly beautiful and adds a sense of calmness and sophistication to any interior.
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Urbania 4
Fine-Art Print
36" x 27"
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