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Tetiana Zakharova Wall Art

Artist Tetiana Zakharova was born in Ukraine where he also received her artistic training. In 1996, she and her family moved to Vancouver, B.C. and that’s where they reside today. Her works are held in numerous corporate and private collections. Her art is displayed at Koyman Galleries in Ottawa, Ontario. Tetiana has been inspired and amazed by the spectacular Pacific Northwest whenever she hikes through the rainforest, watching each unique sunset over the ocean or travelling through the B.C. interior. Tetiana says that nature is plentiful in its gifts of beauty and she yearns to capture that blissful and perfect scene and transpose it onto canvas. She observes the world around her and searches for unreal color combinations and unique angles to create a disposition of nature in her paintings; as in, a sort of mood that the paintings should bring to the audience.

As she starts each new painting, her heart leaps with joy as she fathoms the beauty that is yet to emerge from her imagination. She tries to leave a segment of her art open to interpretation because she knows that beauty is subjective. Part of this can be seen in the near absence of clearly separating borders and lines in her works. She gives room to the audience to create these lines and that is a vital part of her ‘disposition of nature’ as it lets each individual’s mind create such borders and lines and differently interpret the mood of the paintings. Tetiana tries to distill both tranquility and drama of the natural landscapes by injecting depth, emotion and fluidity into each image.
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Fraser River Park
Fine-Art Print
39" x 22"
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Place of Peace
Fine-Art Print
36" x 18"
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