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Pam Varacek Art Prints

Pamela K. Varacek is a native of Long Island, New York, where her love for the beach, ocean and Great South Bay has been a major source of inspiration for her. She received her B.S. in Art Education at Nazareth College of Rochester and soon after began a career as an art teacher. While taking time off to raise her 2 children, Pam decided to open a children’s clothing store where she hand painted children’s furniture. For the next 10 years, Pam enjoyed the creativity and challenge of running a store. But something was still missing from her life. About 2 years ago a friend introduced her to an online painting course taught by Mati Rose and Lisa Congdon. Pam realized that this is what was missing from her life, creating on canvas. Through this course, she found another course called Bloom True with Flora Bowley. The class was based on intuitive painting; the concept of simply painting from your intuition. The course ultimately changed her life, for this is when she discovered a new love of expressing her imagination and whimsical imagery using mixed media and paint. She currently paints using intuitive painting. She is quoted by saying “This has been a liberating and life changing move for me.” Pam’s work starts out with simply covering the canvas in paint and then layers of paint are added over and over. With each layer, a metamorphosis is created on the canvas. Once the textured canvas is created, she uses her intuition to “find” imagery to bring out using acrylic paints but also mixed media such as found objects, photography, vintage papers, etc. Pam is currently showing her work in local galleries and shows and is working with a licensing company based in Connecticut.

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