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Marcus Prime Wall Art

Marcus Prime was born in Ohio and left when he was only 8 months old. His brother joined the military and Prime immediately started his life moving around the country. He’s lived in Missouri, Illinois, Maryland, Texas, Florida, Germany and Alabama. Art has been a part of his life ever since he could hold a crayon. As a child, instead of coloring, he would try to read through all the images he saw in the coloring books. Spiderman, Ninja Turtles, Charlie Brown, a few of the first things that he could draw off of memory after a couple of years repetition. Even though his friends and family were supportive, they didn’t always understand his choices.

At one point in his life he started doing more radical work and it did concern his parents since he was raised by a religious family. However his father and mother do appreciate what he stands for in the substance of his old work and have come to accept it. The man hours for his pieces average an hour. But when he paints canvas it takes up to 6 hours with continuous painting. Depending on how he’s feeling, it could take longer. The longest it has ever taken him to do a piece is about a week. Prime is much inspired by Norman Rockwell, one of the first artists that really made him stop and stare at a piece of art, and to really try to figure out what’s going on in the piece. He just wants to pick Rockwell’s brain.

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