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Alicia Dunn Wall Art

Alicia Dunn (Born in 1960) was born in Havana, Cuba. She’s a contemporary abstract painter who creates pieces on wood and canvas – pieces that are full of enthusiasm, energy, and determination. Through she uses vibrant color, textural and layering techniques, her work achieves a radiance that’s both serene and invigorating. He was raised in Brooklyn, NY, and that’s where much of her inspiration comes from, even though she currently lives and works in San Diego. She’s collected throughout the United States and internationally, and she accepts both residential and commercial commissions. Her work is inspired by her dreams, mood and the invisible but instinctively felt energy in nature. She’s the owner of the wonderful photo collection which has attracted many viewers from all over the world. Alicia is a respected artist as well as a gentlewoman.

She’s an artist who strives to make things simple and let the elements of art combine in the head and react with each history the viewer has brought to the table. Alicia realized that if she ever wanted to make impact, she would have to do something unique. That’s why she’s open to learning new styles from other artists so that she can combine them and come up with her own unique style. She’s a regular visitor to art exhibitions and shows. Her images are now in many collections, galleries and homes around the world. Alicia believes that learning is a continuous process and it’s the only way through which she can improve her art.

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