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Holger Droste Wall Art

Holger Droste is an author and photographer from Dortmund, Germany. He’s a photographer who’s widely exhibited with several solo shows and group shows to his credit and has had work distributed throughout the world. Droste is an expert at transforming his subjects into things that are captivating and are purely poetic, beautiful and spiritual. He’s known for his beautiful images that he produces using the unique style that he developed in the course of his work. Droste has loved art all his life and during his childhood he knew that his career was in the arts field. His medium of choice is photography because he believes that’s the best way to express his love for his subjects. Everything he does is from his heart and he believes that art is the best way that he connects with his viewers.

Droste’s works are rooted in tradition, yet innovative - evocative and beautiful - and demonstrate great depth of technique, vision and feeling. Many collectors highly price his art, especially due to their quality. His art inspires both the upcoming and established artists. They can be seen adorning of many prestigious spaces around the world. He became an artist when he realized that he had the talent. He’s never been able to stop doing artwork since his childhood. He also regularly visits art museums, shows and exhibitions to observe the works by other artists. Except for his family, nothing else has ever mattered to him. The artist strives for work that’s emotive, expressive and visceral.

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