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Piet Flour Wall Art

Piet Flour is an amateur photographer based in Bruges, Belgium. Mostly he creates for himself so as to share with compagnon souls, and for the fun of artistic outing. From time to time he gets some orders to make reportage (interior, wedding, initiation, website, celebration cards, etc). He says a big part of the learning process is studying others creation and also sharing. From time to time, he follows some lessons, but the problem with these, he says, is most of the time they are not given by artists but by software specialist. Another point of trouble is the very few interactions that find place in these lessons. More often, he starts from a concept, an idea, and then he takes the camera and tries to fill in the specific idea as creatively as possible.

He uses the pentax K10D, and if he’ll ever get enough money, he'll switch to Nikon. Instead of going out and hoping to catch something, he usually starts to work from a concept or an idea. As his earlier work was more based on composition, he usually tries to catch emotions and moments. The most important thing he seeks is sharing of ideas, images, emotions and concepts. Great thing is the mixing of very different forms of art and styles he likes here. Asked about his future plans, Flour says if he looks far enough, the last thing he'll do is dying. Meanwhile, he wants to enjoy, to share, to love and to make fun.

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