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Didier Lourenco Art Prints

Didier Lourenço was born in 1968 in Premia del Mar, Barcelona. At the age of 19 he began to work in his father's print studio, where he learned the art of lithography. He began to paint on paper and canvas, taking over a small corner of the studio. In 1988 he had his first solo exhibition at Vilassar de Dalt, and printed his first lithographic edition. He dedicated himself solely to painting in the corner of his father's studio, where he had created his own mini-studio. The corner was open to various visiting artists. Not only was the gaze of the artists directed towards Lourenço's works, but Lourenço's gaze was directed at the works of these visiting artists. This would be his education in the world of painting. Lourenço was awarded Second Prize at the XXXIII Premio de Pintura Joven de la Sala Pares de Barcelona. In 1992 Lourenço won the Premios Talentos of the XXXIV Premio de Pintura Joven de la Sala Pares de Barcelona. He had his first solo show at the Galeria Art Dama de Calafell. He also participated in numerous group shows. In addition, he had solo exhibitions at the Vayreda de Barcelona, Gasto Sala d'Art de Terrassa, Sala Rebull de Reus, Galeria Susany de Vic and at the Minerva Galeria d'Art de Mataro. In 1995, Lourenço left his corner in his father's studio and moved into his own studio in Premia del Mar, Barcelona. His solo shows continued, and in-between the studio and the shows, he traveled with his friends and painters Moscardo and Praga to the north of Italy. His days are full of travel and exhibitions. His solo and collective shows continue, and he travels to Paris, Lisbon and New York, where he continually gains inspiration for more of his glorious oil paintings.

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