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Herbert Libiszewski Wall Art

Herbert Libiszewski (Born in 1897) was born in Bischofszell, Switzerland. He worked as an advertising consultant, graphic designer, painter illustrator, and a fashion illustrator in St. Gallen. He worked as a graphic designer under the pseudonym of Libis. Libiszewski was first trained as an embroidery designer in St. Gallen. After his graduation, he spent a few semesters at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Geneva and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. In 1921, Libiszewski moved to Paris, where he attended free academies and also worked for the magazines Jardin des Modes, Vogue, Marie Claire and Votre Beauté. In 1941 the artist returned to Switzerland and dedicated himself to painting and designing posters. He was a member of many professional art organizations and worked as a professional artist for many years, during which time he produced several pieces of art and attended several workshops.

His art is in many collections and can be seen adorning the walls of many prestigious buildings around the globe. Libiszewski was ahead of his time and he particularly emphasized that people only need to move through what seems impossible to reach to a point where they believe that it is possible. His art still draws a lot of attention from artists and non-artists as well, and they are highly priced by many collectors. Due to his hard work and dedication, he received numerous awards. His illustrations, detailed pieces of art and designs are highly evocative. He had control over his technique and style. That’s why he produced unique pieces of art.
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