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Arthur Sarnoff Wall Art

Arthur Sarnoff (30 December, 1912 - 31 July, 2000) was an American artist whose artwork captures themes of Americana and whimsy. His works, created mainly during the 1930s, were illustrations and paintings whose whimsicality and detail on American culture, artifacts, and folklore are unmistakable. Sarnoff didn’t just restrict himself to a single area; instead, he captured several subjects including sports, celebrity figures, domestic life, commercial products, and more. Born in New York, USA, right in the heart of Brooklyn, Sarnoff studied at the Industrial School and later at the Grand Central Art School. He was a student of John Clymer, a painter and an illustrator, and Andrew Wyeth, a visual artist, both of whom inspired him to build his reputation in art. Because of his artistic prowess and constant involvement in related activities, he earned a slot as a member of the Society of Illustrators.

His works are widely exhibited and sold in different galleries locally and internationally, including the US National Academy of Design. Sarnoff also built a name for himself through his illustrations for several magazines as well as creating advertising campaign artworks for products such as Dextrose, Sal Hepatica, and Listerine. "The Hustler," one of Sarnoff’s notable artwork produced in the mid 20th century featured among the artwork with the highest sales in the 50s. His other notable paintings are "Jack the Ripper," and the Pin-Up-girls posters. Besides pin-up girls and whimsical advertisements, Sarnoff made paintings of public figures including comedian Bob Hope and President John F. Kennedy and his wife.

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