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Michael Kungl Wall Art

Michael Kungl completed his education in fine art and graphic design after which he went on to achieve a successful career in advertising. He spent nearly twenty years creating award winning illustrations, package design and logos for companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Panasonic, Nissan Motors and Toshiba, he then focused on fine art full time. Kungl drew inspiration from American industrial designers Henry Dreyfuss and Raymond Loewy, and European graphic painter A. M. Cassandre. He was so much influenced by these designers’ dramatic take on the Streamline styles and Art Deco so that his own spin on the streamline/ deco movement evolved quickly and soon into blossomed into his new career. And just within 2 years he was selected to create the official artwork for the 25th annual Art Deco Weekend for Miami Beach.

The Miami honor is just one of many in a succession of developments that highlight his growing reputation as a recognized collectible artist. In 2006, he was selected as an official artist of the Disney Fine Art program. He has built a loyal following of fans who love his fresh take on Disney. Combining the classic Disney characters and stories with his unique artistic style the artist has built upon Disney’s artistic legacy and his collection of Disney works are now renowned and collected around the world. Today, he’s among the finest artists in the Art Deco tradition. Kungl participated in many exhibitions where his art drew the interest of many other artists and viewers as well.

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