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Peter Adams Wall Art

Peter Adams is an artist who was born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland. He has lived most of his life in Toronto. He is a graduate of Queen's University holding a degree in Film Studies, but he currently directs all his creative energy toward painting. In 1998, Adams moved to a farm near Creemore. Since then he has spent many years exploring the ever-changing human relationship with landscape and the surrounding landscape also. He is a founding member of the Mad and Noisy Cooperative Gallery. Damans is traditionally an oil painter, but his most recent works are marked by a transition to mixed media. These works combine oil paint, oil sticks, acrylic washes, paint markers, and conte, and have opened up many new expressive possibilities for Adams. His work can be found in many public and private collections in North America and abroad, and is exhibited in many galleries in Ontario.

Working in oils for 25 years, his artwork has always represented a response to changes happening in his immediate surroundings. Most significantly, his move from an urban environment to a rural setting fifteen years ago, has led him to focus much of his attention on the collapsing and abandoned structures of an evolving agricultural industry. Adams is drawn to the interplay between clarity and mystery, chaos and order, tragedy and grace, often exploring the regenerative and symbiotic powers of the natural world. He’s especially interested in the realm in which human and natural worlds meet. His recent series investigates some of the largest holes in the earth. This series is inspired the largest and longest river in China - the Yangtze River.

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