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J. Parry Wall Art

Artist J. Parry (Born in 1744) was well-known for his engravings and painting. The artist was from Liverpool and his father was a Welsh master pilot. Parry loved art from a young age and his talent was discovered by his father who apprenticed him to a house and ship painter, but devoted much of his leisure time to the study of art. His art holds a special place in the hearts of many people. Even those who are unfamiliar with him are drawn to his art. It is evident from his body of work that his art captured and continues to capture a certain quality that touches the core of human emotion. His passion for art was so strong that most of his free time was used drawing and painting. He could not imagine doing anything different so in 1790 he moved to Manchester and began serious work of art.

Due to the quality of his work, he became known as the “Father of Art.” One of his outstanding works is “The Old Market and Shambles at Manchester” which made him to earn a lot of respect from his peers. Parry also painted great portraits and even etched one portrait of himself. Even after his death, his art still cause a lot of excitement among collectors, especially those who love landscapes. Today, his art is much sought after and are often found in leading collections and galleries. During his lifetime, Parry participated in many art shows and exhibitions. Parry died in 1826 leaving behind three sons who were all artists.
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