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Alexa Kelemen Wall Art

Alexa Kelemen was born in Romania on a wheat farm where she was involved in working on the farm with her parents from a young age. One of the major forces in her life is her early introduction to the natural world. When she was only 6 years old, she began showing her talent by drawing the farm with pastels. Her instinctive style showed at that early age and has been with her all her life. Alexa joined the Institute of Art in Constanta from where she graduated in 1965. Her focus was on abstract figural and realist landscape painting. After her education and several exhibits throughout Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania, the artist felt the urge to revisit the landscapes of her youth with a fresh eye. This re-visitation was accompanied with her continued study at the School of Popular Art, where she focused on many styles including still lifes, in which she melds the novel and the familiar with a talented hand.

In 1986, Alexa moved to the US and was well received just as if she is in her home country. Her paintings can be found in collections across the country and she exhibits her work in New York City and in Atlanta. All her paintings are done on paper using oil and have her signature use of smooth color with blurring and eerie shading. Alexa has received commissions by Valentin Popovidi, the renowned Romanian artist. Among her past collectors in Romania are Silivlas Daniella and Comanici Nadia, both Olympic gymnasts.

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